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We are a residential design-build firm that offers a highly personalized experience to accommodate projects of all sizes in London, Ontario

Where form meets function. BlueKey Design Build delivers designs that are equally fresh and functional. Our design experience is combined with your creative inspiration to create a unique home just for you and your remodel dreams. We will come up with ways to improve your daily life and breathe new life in your home. We take the time to get to know you – your needs, how you live and work, what designs excite you. We then strategize the best use for every space in your home and explore design possibilities that make you comfortable but inspired. In short, you’re about to have a lot of fun.

We provide a wide range of construction solutions to our clients and we pride ourselves on delivering quality work. Through collaboration and expertise, we help guide our clients through the construction process to turn their vision into reality. We are small enough to listen and large enough to deliver with a commitment to construct projects that are measured on quality and value.

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Why Us?


Not all general contractors and designers are created equal. Our Team will design and build the perfect home remodel, just for you, on your budget and with your needs in mind. As a one-stop-shop for diverse design, remodelling and construction solutions, we provide design and construction services via one contract and one team, eliminating the headaches that come from attempting to keep clients and multiple vendors on the same page. This streamlined approach often means projects can be executed with shorter timelines and more efficient budgets. It’s a perfect approach for clients who want it done well and want it done now.


We believe that thoughtful design and quality craftsmanship are key to any project no matter the size or scope. We take pride in offering our clients the efficiency and infrastructure employed by larger firms while maintaining the hands-on customer experience of a small family-owned company.

Our unique approach to project management from inception to completion provides radical transparency and enables seamless collaboration between designer, engineer, client, and construction – delivering an excellent client experience with the highest quality results, on time and within budget.


We have stayed true to our humble beginnings and believe clients continue to choose us because of our experience and the greater value we provide. Beginning in pre-construction, we take an integrated approach that supports the design phase allowing a seamless transition from the conceptual into construction.

Ed’s philosophy has always been design first. Because we truly believe our design process is just as important as the construction both are carried out with a tremendous amount of attention to the details.


As with all small design firms, we are only as good as the people we employ. We believe that by surrounding ourselves with the most passionate professionals, we can create the most aesthetic and innovative spaces imaginable. Creative thinking combined with skilled execution ensures our projects are both on time and within budget.


BlueKey’s purpose is to improve people’s lives through meaningful, innovative and meticulously crafted home remodelling.


Our mission is to provide the highest quality design and construction services to our clients. We place a strong emphasis on meticulous planning, efficient execution and best-in-class customer service. More than anything, we are dedicated to building and remodelling existing residences, with the highest level of quality and precision. It is our mission to be one of Canada’s leading residential remodelling companies by providing our clients with the highest quality of standards and customer service. Our goal is to make our clients’ vision a reality that they can share in life’s most special moments with family and friends.


To become London’s most recognized, respected and sought-after home remodelling company.

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