Basements are often a neglected space whose potential is never fully realized. That’s why, at BlueKey, a basement renovation is one of our favourite ways to transform a home and increase usable space for our clients. Basements are versatile spaces that can be designed in different ways depending on your unique needs. Have a growing family and need an extended play space? Send the kids, the toys (and the noise!) down to their own secluded area. Looking for an extra area to entertain guests? Basements are great for home theatres and built in bars! Need some extra storage and a sleeping area for guests. A spare bedroom and organized storage space are the perfect basement use for you! Our design experts will help you develop the best layout and execution tactics to transform your basement into a living space you will love.


Basements have a reputation for being dark and damp but at BlueKey, we know this doesn’t have to be true. With good drywalling and insulation, a basement can feel as bright and cozy as any above-ground living space. With proper insulation, your basement can remain at a comfortable temperature with the rest of your home, making it an inviting and usable space. Drywall and insulation health not only allows you to utilize your basement to its full potential but also saves you money on heating and cooling throughout the year.


While basements are a great place for entertaining, playing and relaxing, these activities can often be noisy for those above. Soundproofing your basement is something we almost always recommend for basement renovations as it ensures your comfort, usability of space and peace of mind down the line. Our effective, cost-efficient, and easy to install soundproofing technologies ensure that your basement becomes a space with no limitations.


Sometimes your existing basement space just doesn’t fit the criteria for your dream basement plans. This is where our excavation experts come in. With the ability to modify your existing basement layout, we can transform your underground space in ways you didn’t know were possible. Whether you’re looking to raise ceilings or build custom living spaces, or something in between, BlueKey has you covered. 

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Whether you’re looking to move a relative in or want to start collecting rental income, converting your basement into an apartment is a great decision. While the process may seem daunting, BlueKey is here to work with you every step of the way to ensure it’s done correctly. Building a legal basement unit requires diligent planning and a creative design to reimagine a space for different use. Our Architectural Designer and basement conversion experts will work closely with you every step of the way. Add value and additional functional living space to your home with a basement apartment.

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