Updating your bathroom can breathe new life into your home. Whether this means installing a new vanity or completely gutting and remodelling the space, BlueKey knows how to transform your space.

Bathroom renovations require a unique skill set as plumbing and electrical components need to be met with care. That’s why we take the time to understand your space in front of and behind the walls. By creating a comprehensive plan prior to taking down any walls or creating drastic structural changes, we minimize the risk of encountering unexpected obstacles, allowing your renovation to stay on time and on budget. There are so many exciting aspects that go into a bathroom renovation and we can’t wait to sit down and explore them with you as we create your dream space.


Using tile in your bathroom not only looks great and gives you the opportunity to introduce eye-catching patterns and colours, but is also a highly functional material that allows you to manage the inevitable water drips, spills and splashes that come with bathroom use. Considered a high traffic area in the home, durability is an important factor when choosing the materials and finishes for the room.

Tile is the perfect choice for floors, vanity backsplashes and showers because of its tough exterior. When installed and sealed correctly, it also eliminates the risk of mold, rust and leakages that often occur in bathrooms over time. By choosing tile as your main material for your bathroom, you greatly reduce the risk of headaches down the road.


Flooring is an important aspect of any bathroom. Natural stone, vinyl, concrete and porcelain or ceramic tile are some of our favourite hassle free materials to use for flooring and years in the industry have taugh us which work best for each individual project. Proper flooring installation is crucial in a bathroom as the humidity, residue, and water spillage that comes from shower and bath use can cause serious flooring issues if not done correctly. When you trust BlueKey with your bathroom flooring, you can rest assured that it’s selection and installation are done with dedication and care.


Your shower is a place for relaxation and at BlueKey we ensure that this aspect of your bathroom creates the perfect escape. From aesthetics to proper installation, our experts will ensure that your shower tiling, plumbing and waterproofing’s quality is only rivaled by its stunning visual appeal. Our showers stand the test of time and we know that you’ll be enjoying your BlueKey shower for years to come. That’s the BlueKey guarantee!


Choosing the right vanity that aids in visually enhancing the aesthetic of your bathroom while catering to your unique storage needs can be an overwhelming experience. Aspects such as the countertop, cupboards, hardware and mirrors all go into creating your ideal vanity and at BlueKey we can help you choose the best pairing combination.

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